Today UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) develops scenarios on climate change in the future. The governments of the world have signed actions against man made climate change since Rio 1992. All activities are based on the thesis that additional CO2 in the atmosphere since the beginning of industrial revolution in the 19th century has led to warming in the 20 th century. As a background they use amongst others few measured temperature data since the end of the 19th century, CO2 data since mid of the 20 th century and results of computer models.

All laws of nature however prove the reverse connection i.e. that the temperature is the cause for a release of CO2. The diurnal variation of the CO2, the seasonal fluctuation and the proven time delay of the CO2-deagassing show that these processes are clearly controlled by temperature.

Because of this we cannot find any evidence of a warming caused by CO2 in 600 million years of climate history. The average concentration of CO2 in air is currently 380 ppm (parts per million). This is so minimal that a dominant influence on warming is excluded. Man made produced CO2 is about 3% of the whole emissions, that means 11.4 ppm (or 0.00114%) can contribute to warming by greenhouse effect. This is impossible due to laws of physics.

Today weather forecasts are valid for hardly more than three days and do not result on calculation of radiation conditions but exclusive on weather influencing parameters as pressure, temperature, humidity, windspeed in air and further data. 71% of the surface of earth is covered by oceans which establish the most effective control of heat and CO2. Human impact on cities and land use are neclectable compared to this. Because climate is weather statistics and in fact climate is influenced by asctrophysical processes, mankind do not change global climate.

Accepted reconstructions of temperature change and carbon dioxide change in the atmosphere display a completely different contour. The average temperature on earth was +22°C, interrupted by four global cold periods within a 150 million years cycle. Since 600 million years CO2 concentration decreased in an unregulary way from 6000 ppm to 380 ppm today. There is no correlation to the temperature. In reverse a temperature rise is followed by a CO2 release.

Since the last ice age within 10 000 years, temperature decreased by several degrees. Warm and cold periods cycled in a regular way. On the other side IPCC suggest a linear CO2 trend. Therefore it cannot be used to cause a greenhouse effect.. Little Ice Age is as well documented as the Medieval Warm Period and the Roman Warm Period. Today no computer model is a able to simulate climate change within 1000, 10 000 or 600 million years on the basis of CO2 variations.

Hannibal succeded in crossing the Alps with Elephants at the end of the Roman Warm Period. And the Romans digged on iron and other metals at a height of 2800 m in the Alps. Ice was covered the entrances of the galeries until in medieval times and modern warm period they appeared again. Up to today no wheat is growing in Greenland outside of greenhouses. But this had been reality at the times of the vikings. Also tree limits in the mountains of europe, asia and northern america are some 100 m higher than today. We have never observed long time frozen channels and rivers in the Netherlands or Great Britain since the end of the Little Ace Age. Glaciers who have been grown since that times retreated to the end of the 20th century according to the cycle. Since some years temperature is falling again and glaciers grow again in the southern hemisphere.

CO2 is the essential building block for plant growth through photosynthesis despite the very low concentration in air. Therefore CO2 is no pollutant and do not pollute the atmosphere. A higher CO2 concentration and higher temperatures will be beneficial for plant growth and nutrition for mankind and animals. Warm climate periods are better for the ice covered continents like Greenland and have brought more quality of life and technical and cultural evolution in history.( see Roman times and Medieval Age). Cold periods during emigration of nations and Little Ice Age had brought hunger and death.

Ideological derived objectives that man made CO2 is the cause for a climate catastrophe is based on biased computer models by omitting of important parameters, unilateral interpretations of scientific findings and ignoring of critical scientists. They do not justify billions of Euros and damage economics and do not help environment. .

Heiligenroth 15th september 2007