History of the Climate Meetings at Heiligenroth

In 21th of july 2007 Dieter Kraemer (retired architect ) invited 15 critical experts of several scientific disciplines to Heiligenroth (Rhineland-Palatinate) establishing the 1st Climate Meeting at Heiligenroth. Mr. Kraemer had arbitrarily invited persons known to him as opposing wind power and erroneous climate science and politics. The location of the meeting Heiligenroth was choosen according to Heiligendamm, where G8 politicians had met in June 2007. Motivation was to initiate processes against daily campaigns of media and politics concerning climate. During a short time of preparation Paul Bossert and Ernst Beck managed presence of a Swiss television team SF1, which recorded most of our first meeting and broadcasted part of it within the magazine "Rundschau" on 25th july 2007; title: "The Climate Controversy".( http://www.fernsehen.ch/blog/archives/358-Die-Themen-der-Rundschau-am-Mittwoch-auf-SF-1.html). You will find the video of the broadcast here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FkBf5xIUEc

The members of the meeting had debated and formulated a climate manifest, which was adopted on the 2nd Climate Meeting in 15th september 2007 where new members had joined us as the well known German journalist Guenter Ederer and the prince Ferdinand zu Hohenlohe Bartenstein, chairman of BLS (Federal Association for Landscape Protection).

Below some pictures of the 1st and 2nd Climate Meeting at Heiligenroth. The meetings will be continued.

1. Climate Meeting at Heiligenroth 21th july 2007
rightmost: H. Bran, P. Bossert, E. Gärtner
rightmost: SF1 Swiss TV crew, U. Tempel, H. Thieme
2. Climate Meeting at Heiligenroth 15th september 2007
rightmost: E. Gärtner, Dr. Backhaus, E. Beck, D. Ber, Dr. Six
rightmost: D. Krämer, F. Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein

Ernst-Georg Beck 22th september 2007

Impressum: BLS (Federal Association of Landscape Protection) Prince Ferdinand zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, Schloß, 74575 Schrozberg,